Our History

The Company Sales Development Consultants Ltd. (SDC Ltd) was founded in 2002 with it’s headquarters in Athens. SDC provides specialized services in the area of management, the evaluation of investment programs and projects (project management), the development of new products and sales channels (business development), preparation of technical and financial studies as well as studies of reorganization and strategic planning. The company has developed a valuable network of corporate cooperations, both within Greece and internationally, with consultancy companies, scientific institutions and public and private organizations.

Our company with it’s accumulated experience in developing sales channels and promoting new products redesigned of its business operations effectively creating a new Business model, developing a new activity in the field of Food Technology with its own Brand name, with new innovative products that link the Mediterranean diet with quality agricultural Greek products. As a catalyst for this operation, was the growing international demand for quality food related to the Mediterranean and especially for the Greek diet. The company, by studying the trend of the international market for healthy food and snacks decided to try to produce its own products under the brand LIVE LONG LIVE GREEK with the goal of making Greek flavors known beyond the borders of Greece.

In this context, the company has designed, manufactured and distributed a range of functional foods (cold cuts, pastries, etc.) using Greek agricultural products, with their high quality and excellent taste, based on the principles of the Mediterranean healthy diet.


Our Mission

“To produce healthy products using raw materials of high quality and bring to your table food which combine the benefits and exceptional taste of Mediterranean Diet!”

Our Vision

“Promote the unique advantages of the Mediterranean Diet and make it part of a healthy lifestyle”

Our Values

The values which our company promotes through the Live Long Live Greek product line is a healthy diet of the highest quality. The raw materials we use are characterized by excellent quality. The products we produce are offered to our customers with a high sense of responsibility and care.