• The company SALES DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS LTD participated in the 3rd Competition of Applied Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates!” which was held by SEV and Eurobank with its innovative “Method of entrapment of olive oil, plant oils and vitamins in specialized edible liposomes for application on innovative foods and production of innovative final products“. Our proposal was qualified in the Top 10 Proposals in the Field of Innovation.

  • The owners of the company Mr Mantzouranis Mantzouranis and Mr. Keranis Dimitris have appeared in the press show “First Line”, with a nation range. During the interview they have spoken about the benefits of the products and their unique features.

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  • Mr. Keranis and Mr. Mantzouranis have also given an interview, which was published in the magazine “K” of the newspaper “Kathimerini”. During their interview they have analyzed the innovative method they use for the production of foods and all the advantages it gives to final gluten free products such as elasticity, plasticity, consistency making them at the same time fluffy.

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